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Needful Things

Everything you know you need


Debbie : Debra Jean born May 22, 1956 in Lodi, Calif, with the world firmly in her hands. She has the gift of words and brings joy to anyone who knows her.

oh no,,stuck in LODI again..Debbie, like all our children, was born in the Mason Hospital in LODI California. 


neicer: Denise Joann Graessley. Born Dec. 8, 1954.

Denise always knew where she was going and how she would get there..And she always had the other half of her Almond joy long after everyone else had ate thiers. 

mark: Mark Theodore Robertson born Oct. 4, 1957. Perfection in every way.

Our only son. This is the one that gave us our granddaughters, Alaina and betsy...Three great daughter-in-laws, and five grandsons.... and for that I forgive what he did to the Galaxy. 

GRANDMA: Barbara Jean Hudson Robertson. The real brains of the family. She is the mother of the above, family historian, and a good photographer. She is photographing some gulls. As family Historian she has compiled the family tree back to before Jamestown and the first Gov. The great thing is she is starting to write a story about the adventures of the family. She also is a great cook. Grandma got a new Kitten, PIEWACKET


  GRANDPA: Marty Robertson. Father of the above and a man with strange hobbies. Here he is looking at his anticipated Christmas present. Grandma will probably not let him keep it in the house cause he would probably drag it into the living room to oil it. Of course, he will justify it as another toy for the grandkids on the 4th.. He spent his last working years with Oregon Museum of Science and Industry building and maintaining such exhibits as Star Trek and Super Heros to name a couple. His grandkids loved to go to work with Grandpa.

CHRISTMAS WITH THE KIDS. We all got together at My daughter's home in Danville, Ca. We had a family xmas complete with a pinata, an Oregon xmas tree, a california hot tub and WHIPCREAM! We had a time to remember.