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Nurse Debbie..

Proud Mom of Christopher Morgan and Evil Step Mother of ELizabeth and Robbie (Batman) Morgan. Deb is the greatest mom to all three. She has a successful career in Nursing Management.
Very Recently, after being surprised by the TV news playing "here she comes again" we learned the' New Carisa' ( a ship that had gone aground at Coos Bay Or. and had been national news for three weeks) had broken her tow line 50 miles to sea in a little huricane we were having Sunday. The ship was drifting being pushed by 100 mph winds and heading for landfall somewhere on the northern coast. She still had 115,000 gallons of oil on board. Nurse Deb decided to drive south and look for the ship. About that time there was a caller on the car radio saying she could see the ship out her window and it was in the breakers. Deb reached the end of her driveway and there it was, waiting for her.

LOOKING FOR NEW HOME: After spending the winter in Walport, Superwoman Debbie is looking for a site for her Headquarters. She has been looking at a home on the Alsea River which runs from the Ocean at Walport to far inland. 8 miles up from the mouth is an area called Tideland. Here she found a really neat home on the river.