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.A group of Cheveron Oil Managers and Engineers From the Tengiz Refinery in Kazakstan traveled to the White Clifts on the edge of the Caspain Sea. Bill Graessley is the photographer. 

 Here are shots of the "Sharks Teeth" area of the White Cliffs.  The
 teeth are found in the whitest layers and are millions of years old.
 Our guides found some teeth along with various other fossils.  The
 teeth are still razor sharp.  The cliffs are reefs that grew as the
 Ancient Caspian Sea deepened.

Here are further shots of White Cliffs.  We climbed around and
 explored as the managers fretted about our 3 million man-hours with no
 lost time injuries record being on the line.  Our hosts from Atyrau
 started a fire and cooked us shiskabobs and warmed sturgeon fillets